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Accredited and community focused fire service

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protect - serve - respect

helderberg fire watch
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Firefighters save more than just homes, they save hearts, memories and dreams.

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protect - serve - respect

helderberg fire watch
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Quick reaction and response

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protect - serve - respect

helderberg firewatch
fighting what you fear

Supporting our community in the Helderberg area

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About us

Helderberg Fire Watch is based in Somerset West and serves the Helderberg area

our history

the need for local fire service

Due to the recent huge fires experienced in and around the Helderberg area, a need arose for a volunteer based Fire Service. Helderberg Fire Watch was established in November 2017 and comprises of 3 full-time Officers and over 25 volunteer crew.

core business

subscriber based fire service

At the heart of our business are the community members that are subscribers. This allows us to respond quickly to fires that directly endanger them as well as fires in open public areas that could impact the community.

special packages

Housing estates & farms

We are able to offer special packages to housing estates, farms and commercial properties in the Helderberg area.
These packages include inspections for fire safety and compliance, fire training and also swift reaction and response in the case of fire.

protect - serve - respect

helderberg fire watch

our specialist services

Helderberg Fire Watch offers Integrated Fire Management Solutions

Suppression of wildfires

HFW mobilizes our team of volunteers to work in conjunction with other organisations to suppress wildfires and veldfires in the Helderberg area.

Disaster relief

Whether it's man made or an environmental disaster, HFW is always on hand to assist wherever possible.

flood relief

The Helderberg area has been known to suffer from terrible flooding the past. HFW is trained to assist with co-ordinated flood relief.

fire inspections

HFW can carry out inspections and help you to develop fire management plans to prevent fires and to ensure the safety of lives and property.

fire training

We offer fire training to the public. It is an invaluable skill for anyone, but particularly useful to key role players such as NHW , security members  and managers estates.

event management

Due to the high number of people at events, fire safety and security is required in case of emergencies. Helderberg Fire Watch is accredited and the right team for the job.

controlled vegetation burns

As part of fire prevention and management, a controlled burn is sometimes necessary. HFW is able to assist to ensure that the fire remains under control.

incident command management (ics 300)

Our team have been trained to a high level of incident command management systems, ensuring that they are able to facilitate communication and response in the best manner during an emergency.

community upliftment & Social responsibility

We consider it our duty to help our community especially in areas requiring a helping hand. A big part of that is providing education about fire safety and prevention

protect - serve - respect

helderberg fire watch

Meet Our fire officers

We have 3 full-time fire officers qualified in Incident Command Systems Management (ICS 300).

Asalaam Kafaar
HFW - Senior Fireman
dylan knott
HFW Operations Manager
Grant Stokell
HFW - Senior Fireman

Volunteer & training programs

Certified Training

BEcome a firefighter

If you think you have what it takes to be a Firefighter or would like to know more, please contact us.

protect - serve - respect

helderberg fire watch

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Fire Base Location
70 Victoria Street, Somerset West, 7130
Western Cape
South Africa
021 851 2100 (Control )
064 904 0096 (Ops Manager)